Nia Long Has An Undeniable Imprint In Hip Hop Thanks To These Songs

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Much has been say about Nia Long in recent days as the scandal involving her longtime partner, Celtics coach Ime Udoka, unravels in real-time. As he’s call out for fumbling the bag, we revisit times when rappers love on—or lusted over—the actress in their rhymes.

It may be her boyfriend of 10 years who is facing troubles with the NBA, but Nia Long became an even greater trending topic. We’ve continue to report on the scandal out of the NBA as Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka has face disciplinary action after it was reveal that he carried on an inappropriate relationship with a female staffer. Speculative follow-up reports have flowed nonstop since the explosive news dropped, and almost immediately, Nia Long was the center of attention.

Throughout the entirety of Long’s expansive career, she has maintained a reputation as being the beautiful, yet unattainable, unproblematic, girl next door that every man wanted to be with. Her films helped propagate that standing: whether she was the object of Craig’s affections in Friday, struggling through a passionate love affair with Darrius in Love Jones, or trying to keep Tre on the straight and narrow in Boyz n the Hood

Nia Long
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The public has been commenting on the Udoka scandal and many in Hip Hop have questioned how the now-suspended coach could “fumble the bag” on a beloved celebrity like Long. Some may not understand the praise that Nia Long has received within Rap culture, but she has long been preserved in Hip Hop thanks to the dozens of rappers who have lauded over her in their songs. 

While this list is certainly not exhaustive, we’ve pulled together just a few noteworthy tracks that mention the actress—some released as hit singles and others not as easy to find—and while those inclusions are brief, they speak volumes to the adoration that the industry had, and still has for the star.


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